Tons of Suds For Scleroderma

Tons of Suds Update: It is official!  It is official!  It is official!  It is official! 

We have the World Record!! 

We have started the process of cutting up our big baby and sending it around the world. 

You can now purchase a Tons of Suds Bar over on our soaps page for a $5.00 donation to the Scleroderma Foundation!! 

Around the world it goes.....

El Salvador Romero Mission Center  Orphanage 13 Lbs.

Hearts and Hands, Arlington TX 800 Lbs.

Hurricane Katrina Relief 1200 Lbs.

Wycliff Linguistics Center 160 Lbs.

National Relief Charities, assisting 50 Indian Reservations in 11 US States  4,800 Lbs.

Haiti International Ministries  1,500 Lbs.

Soap being distributed in Haiti


South Africa Manna Relief 3 Lbs.

Buckner Outreach 10 Countries 250 Lbs.

All Saints Episcopal Church AL  Hurricane Relief  30 Lbs. 

Triumph Ministries AL Hurricane Relief  30 Lbs.

Deliverance Bible Church 30 Lbs.

Americans Veterans Outreach 500 Lbs.

StoneGate Elementry Bedford, TX 15 Lbs.

W.T. Hanes  Irving, TX 15 Lbs. 

(The 5th graders cut up the soap and donated it to the students that had come to their school due to Hurricaine Katrina)

Falesti, Moldova Orphanage 27 Lbs.


Here is an update from George.  The kids loved the soap:)

Hi Melissa, The distribution of your soap was a big hit to the kids, and others, at the orphanage in Falesti (pronounced "Fah-lescht", I think). We worked with about 125 kids and give soap to all.   We were 9 of us divided into 4 teams.   The Life Skills team taught hygiene and gave out the soap.  This event went pretty wild with the kids and no pictures were taken as a result, apparently.  I will know more in a week or so.   By coincidence, the school/orphanage was out of hand soap that same day so the kids ran back and got their new soap to use for wash-up before lunch.  CERI (Children's Emergency Relief International) was the organizer of the trip and had two leaders present including Steve Davis from Texas.   We had 5 interpreters, too (4 in the Falesti picture).  All were wonderful people and all went smoothly.  I even gained a few pounds. The local CERI director (a young preacher with guitar/singing skills - Durrel) kept a few bars that I offered him and seemed quite impressed.  I gave him pictures of you and the big bar to help him understand. A day or two after the soap was given out, they became more curious about it so when the kids rotated to my group (Bible study) they wanted a full explanation of what it was all about and how it got made.  I sensed it meant a lot to them to know you had suffered (as they have) and still trusted in the Lord and, as a result, something good has now touched their lives. Life in Moldova is quite tough even though the land is so lush and green.  Peasants are seen working the field, horses pull hay wagons, older men will hunt for fire wood and bring it in on their bicycle, there is little plumbing anywhere.  Most homes have their own well (so there are many wells on every street).  I heard average income was about $30/month. Your soap has brightened their lives and made them feel special.  They know they are the first in Europe to receive it. God bless you continuously, George



A bar of soap weighing eight tons was made at “Tons of Suds for Scleroderma” March 15, 2003 at Sandbur Hills Ranch in Laneville, TX.   Tons of Suds for Scleroderma was an all-day community oriented event created with the dual purpose of increasing awareness about scleroderma and raising funds for the Scleroderma Foundation.  The event included a cook-off, live music, a silent auction, and raffles . . . but the main event was the on-site, hands-on creation of an EIGHT-TON bar of SOAP – the world’s largest!

After losing her mother, Starr Johnson, to scleroderma in April 2002,’s owner Melissa Flick knew she needed to do something to tell the world about this awful disease and to help find the cure.  Her area of expertise?  Soap.  So after months of thinking and dreaming, the vision for Tons of Suds for Scleroderma was born. 

Over 200 people attended the event. According to Mrs. Flick,  the benefit raised in excess of $3000.00 for the Texas Bluebonnet chapter of the Scleroderma Foundation, a 501(c) 3 national nonprofit organization dedicated to scleroderma patient support, education, and research.  “I am pleased with the outcome of Tons of Suds,” said Mrs. Flick. “Sometimes you have to do something a little wild and crazy to draw attention to a good cause.  The community really pulled together to help make Tons of Suds a reality, and in turn we are now able to help those who are fighting scleroderma. That’s what Tons of Suds was all about.” 

Scleroderma, also known as systemic sclerosis, is a chronic, often progressive autoimmune disease in which the body’s autoimmune system attacks its own tissues. There are 300,000 Americans with scleroderma, and four out of five are women—usually stricken in the prime of life. Although medicines can sometimes help treat symptoms, there is no known cure.

The huge bar of soap was officially weighed on May 18, 2003, at which point Melissa began the process to have the bar of soap formally registered with Guinness as the WORLD’S LARGEST! “I hope that Tons of Suds and the attention created by making the world’s largest bar of soap will ensure that every person in America knows about scleroderma and will be inspired to help us find a cure,” said Mrs. Flick.  



After recieving verification of breaking the world record, the huge bar of soap has been cut. Over 80,000 bars of soap have been distributed to local chapters of the Scleroderma Foundation, orphanages, local shelters, and crisis intervention charities.  10,000 bars are being sold, with 100% of proceeds benefiting the Texas Bluebonnet chapter of the Scleroderma Foundation.

Please support our sponsors, we are grateful to those that made this event happen!

Stephenson Personal Care North America- The soap base is amazing!
Cooper Equipment- George, we couldn't have done it without you!

Ellens Essentials and TKB- Thanks for the colorant!
Cimline- Thanks for the machine that was perfect for the job!
Master Concrete-Yeah, Uncle Harold, the mold held up, even through a tornado!
Intercontinental Fragrances- What a wonderful scent, could be smelled for miles!
Joyce Steel- Wade, you fixed my crane crisis!
Haskins- Thanks for keeping our soap safe during transport...Great drivin'!
Rental Service Corporation- Thanks for the juice...The generator was HUGE!
United Rental- Gave us light to see into the wee hours of the night!
Hobbi- The new indoor home for the soap...Keeping it safe and dry! George we love you!

Norco Moving and Storage
AAA Sanitation

Whimsey Dreams
Qwick Signs 

Office Depot
Kwik Kopy
Krispy Kreme

Above & Beyond
Millburn's Photography
Southwest Airlines