Scent Descriptions


100% Natural Essential Oils:

Chill Pill    

Mellow blend of lavender, mint, & patchouli.



Lavender – to the third power!



Calming blend of lavender and ylang-ylang. Perfect for bath or bedtime!


Stark Naked   

Pure, simple, unscented.



Earthy mix of fir, cedar, & orange. Perfect for men.



Fragrance Oils:


Dear John

Sensual, earthy, and exotic (yet melancholy) fragrance.


Jane Doe

Exotic, complex combination of fragrances including pomegranate, sage, & blackberry.



Familiar fragrance, reminiscent of empty perfume bottles and Grandma’s powder.


Thai Coconut Milk

Skin softening coconut milk coupled with fresh dried lemongrass


The Sushi Bar–Coming Soon

An intriguing combination of ginger essential oil, wasabi powder, sea veggies, and exfoliating rice.


Virtuous Violet-Coming Soon

A sweet, rich, violet.  Sprinkled in pixie dust!


Soap Stacks:


Girls Night Out

Watermelon Martini- Shaken not stirred, with a touch of fruity watermelon.

Italian Margarita- Amaretto blends perfectly with tangy citrus and sweet blue agave tequila.  Topped off with sugar on the rim.

Fresh Mint Mojito- Sugar cane, fresh mint and a splash of lime!


Sweet Treats

Green Tea Ice Cream- Green tea with just a tad of sweet sugar and creme.

Buttercream Frosting-  Smells like the real thing.  Soap will discolor to dark brown due to high vanilla content.

Fig Pudding- A sweet blend of steamed bread pudding, juicy figs, raisins, buttery vanilla, nutmeg and brandy.


   Additional fragrance choices below are available by the loaf only. 

         Land of Milk and Honey

Light, clean, yet sweet fragrance. Fresh ground oats included to exfoliate.


Morning Fix

Monday morning at your local coffee shop. Real coffee grounds, cinnamon, & spice.


Texas Wildflowers

Smells like REAL flowers, unlike most flowery fragrances. 


Victorian Garden

Earthy, woodsy, familiar scent.