Here you will find all our items that decided to misbehave.  Most soaps are simply underweight, mis-cut because they were to jumpy on the cutting board, or got hurt on their way to go out to play with the big boys.  All misfit soaps will come packaged in recyclable white paper.  They are all made with the same organic oils, fair trade butters and the same quality that you have come to expect from Body Balms.  Take advantage of  some great deals and try some new things!  In fact, some of these misfits  are only 1/10th an ounce short of their full sized counterparts. 

Southern Pecan Pie*

Toasted pecans baked with creamy vanilla and topped with natual brown sugar. 


Dear John*

Sensual, earthy, and exotic (yet melancholy) fragrance.


Jane Doe*

Exotic, complex combination of fragrances that include pomegranate, sage, and berries. 



Calming blend of lavender and ylang-ylang.  Perfect for bath or bedtime!


Thai Coconut Milk*

Smooth coconut milk coupled with fresh, dried lemongrass.



An earthy mix of fir, cedar, and citrus.  This bar is great for men and even includes orange powder.